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Is your head always in the clouds? Want a career where you can combine work and travel? Choose Aviation at Newcastle College and take one giant leap towards a high-flying future.

As an Aviation student, you'll be based at our award-winning Aviation Academy and have a learning experience like no other. You'll gain hands-on experience working in unique facilities including an aircraft hangar, real training aircraft and laboratories.

You'll have opportunities to gain experience within local airports and hear from the experts working at airports, airlines and even the Royal Air Force.

We offer courses in operations, cabin crew and engineering, so whether you want to work on-board, in an airport, or behind the scenes you can choose a course to suit you.

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What can I study?

Aviation (Operations and Cabin Crew) - Level 2

Are you excited about travel? This aviation course is perfect for you.

Length: 1 year
Study: Full-Time
Start date: 6th September 2021
Location: Aviation Academy

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Aviation Operations - Level 3

Prepare to take flight in the aviation industry.

Length: 2 years
Study: Full-Time
Start date: 6th September 2021
Location: Aviation Academy

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Aeronautical Engineering - Level 3

Kick-start your career as an aircraft engineer at our award-winning Aviation Academy.

Length: 2 years
Study: Full-Time
Start date: 13th September 2021
Location: Aviation Academy

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What can I do with an Aviation qualification?

Daily tasks:

  • Organises and establishes control systems to monitor operational efficiency and performance of materials and systems.
  • Ensures that equipment, operation and maintenance comply with design specifications and safety standards.
  • Designs mechanical equipment, such as steam, internal combustion and other non-electrical motors for railway locomotives, road vehicles, aeroplanes and other machinery.
  • Determines materials, equipment, piping, capacities, layout of plant or system and specification for manufacture.
  • Undertakes research and advises on energy use, materials handling, thermodynamic processes, fluid mechanics, vehicles and environmental controls.

Median Salary

£42,499 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Prepares specifications for materials and other components.
  • Produces final design information for use in preparation of layouts, parts lists, etc..
  • Arranges construction and testing of model or prototype and modifies design if necessary.
  • Prepares working designs for steam, aero, turbine, marine and electrical engines, mechanical instruments, aircraft and missile structures, vehicle and ship structures, plant and machinery equipment, domestic electrical appliances, building systems and services, and electronic computing and telecommunications equipment.
  • Assesses product requirements, including costs, manufacturing feasibility and market requirements.

Median Salary

£43,438 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Provides technical consultancy services.
  • Examines and advises on patent applications.
  • Prepare sketches, drawings and specifications showing materials to be used, construction and finishing methods and other details.
  • Devises and implements control systems to monitor operational efficiency and performance of system and materials.
  • Designs new systems and equipment with regard to cost, market requirements and feasibility of manufacture.
  • Establishes principles and techniques to improve the quality, durability and performance of materials such as textiles, glass, rubber, plastics, ceramics, metals and alloys.
  • Researches into problem areas to advance basic knowledge, evaluate new theories and techniques and to solve specific problems.

Median Salary

£41,841 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Handles emergencies, unscheduled traffic and other unanticipated incidents.
  • Discusses operational requirements with pilot, issues duty schedules for flight deck and cabin crews, maintains records of flight progress and authorises flight departure.
  • Calculates fuel consumption and optimum flying height, plans route and prepares flight plan for aircraft pilot.
  • Obtains information regarding weather conditions, navigational hazards, landing conditions, seating arrangements, loading of cargo, fuel and catering supplies.
  • Directs movement of aircraft and motor vehicles on runways, taxiways and in parking bays.
  • Gives landing instructions to pilot and monitors descent of aircraft.
  • Directs the movement of aircraft en route to its destination and ensures minimum distances are maintained between planes.
  • Maintains radio and/or radar or visual contact with aircraft and liaises with other air traffic controllers and control centres to direct aircraft in and out of controlled airspace and into holding areas ready for landing.

Median Salary

£96,974 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Accompanies pupil on training flights and demonstrates flying techniques.
  • Performs specified tests to determine aircraft.
  • Maintains radio contact and discusses weather conditions with air traffic controllers.
  • Monitors fuel consumption, air pressure, engine performance and other indicators during flight and advises pilot of any factors that affect the navigation or performance of the aircraft.
  • Directs or undertakes the operation of controls to fly aeroplanes and helicopters, complying with air traffic control and aircraft operating procedures.
  • Directs or undertakes routine checks on engines, instruments, control panels, cargo distribution and fuel supplies.
  • Studies flight plan, discusses it with flight deck crew and makes any necessary adjustments.

Median Salary

£90,699 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Directs and instructs passengers in the event of an emergency, ensures safety procedures are followed.
  • Makes announcements on behalf of the pilot, demonstrates the use of emergency equipment and checks that safety belts are fastened.
  • Sells duty-free goods during the flight.
  • Ensures that sufficient stocks of meals and beverages are on board the aircraft prior to take off and serves passengers during the flight.
  • Welcomes passengers on board the aircraft, guides them to their seats and assists with any hand luggage.
  • Checks emergency equipment, distributes reading material, blankets and other items, and ensures that the aircraft is ready for the receipt of passengers.
  • Receives passengers at airport terminal, examines tickets and other documentation, checks in luggage and distributes boarding passes.

Median Salary

£21,504 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Operates retractable gangway or positions mobile staircases to enable passengers and crew to board and disembark aircraft.
  • Loads aircraft with luggage, in-flight meals, refreshments and other items.
  • Loads and unloads conveyor belts to transport luggage between terminal buildings and aircraft, monitors conveyor belts and clears any blockages.
  • Directs the ground movement of aircraft at airports.
  • Refuels aircraft from mobile tankers.

Median Salary

£24,643 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Monitors the standards of scientific and technical research undertaken by the research team.
  • Plans work schedules, assigns tasks and delegates responsibilities to the research and development team.
  • Develops research methodology, implements and reports upon research investigations undertaken.
  • Liaises with production departments to investigate and resolve manufacturing problems.
  • Establishes product design and performance objectives in consultation with other business functions.

Median Salary

£51,905 View more

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