Why Newcastle?

If you’re wondering what makes Newcastle such a great student city outside of the amazing culture, nightlife, sports, scenery and overall uniqueness, it’s that this city caters for everyone. If you’re an introvert or an extrovert, love sports or don’t feel like being active, love trying new things or prefer to stick to what you know, Newcastle will provide the perfect backdrop to your University life.

What sets Newcastle aside from the rest is something we all think about: how friendly will it be on my pocket? Newcastle is one of the most affordable student cities to live in in the country (Natwest Living Index 2018). Rents are lower, the average price of a pint is only £3.50 and as the city has such a high population of students (1 in 6 to be exact), it really goes without saying that Newcastle pretty much ticks all those boxes.

With Newcastle College being in the city centre, it means that everything is in walking distance – be it trips to the Quayside, shopping, watching some sport, heading to the markets or going for a night out, you’ll rarely need to take any transport. And if you do, Newcastle has some affordable options for students. You can get a student travel pass to save cash on getting the bus or the Metro, with frequent trains and buses available from just off campus.

What adds to life in Newcastle is the undisputable Geordie charm. Voted the 4th happiest city in the UK (Unbroken Britain Report 2018) and the 5th friendliest (Jury’s Inn/Trip Advisor study 2017), you’re sure to be in good company. It’s a real feel-good city, meaning you’ll feel right at home before you know it.

And if you needed any more persuasion, Newcastle was named as number 1 by Rough Guide 2018 on its ‘Places That Should be on Your Radar’ list 2018, beating the likes of New Orleans, Chile and South Africa.

Along with the choice of over 70 University courses, Newcastle College will provide you with an unrivalled University experience set in one of the best cities in the UK.