Photography case study

Sonia Korpok - FdA Photography

Why did you choose to study at Newcastle College?
I moved to Newcastle from Poland in 2014 and I have found the people here to be extremely friendly and welcoming. A few of my friends recommended studying at the College. They had studied here and told me they had a great experience and learnt so much. So I decided to look into it further and then enrolled.

What are the facilities like at the College?
The facilities are really good, there is a large studio with plenty of equipment. I was so relieved to have access to equipment such as a camera as they are expensive to buy. I was able to use the cameras whenever I needed to it which was great.

Did you attend an Open Day prior to starting at the College?
I attended two open events. On the second open event I spoke to the Head of Digital Arts and I knew this was the place for me to study. He was so passionate about photography and that made me excited to start my course.

Why did you choose the course?
I did photography as a hobby but wanted to know more and hopefully for it to develop into a career path. My friends were really supportive and encouraged me to take the hobby that one step further.

What do you enjoy most about your course?
I have enjoyed the support from the staff. They are so helpful and supportive, when we have a brief they take the time ensure we are on the right track. Speaking to the tutors just inspires me and motivates me to go further with my work. I now see myself working in the industry.

Have you had the opportunity to go on a work placement as part of your degree?
I have so many opportunities to do work placements which the College have helped me to secure. I assisted Barbour’s lead photographer David Foster on a shoot which was a great experience for me. To see the planning that goes into shoots, working to a client’s brief, timings and assisting for such a well-known brand has just been incredible. I am now assisting with Katy Melling, a well-known wedding photographer, I am learning so much. It is so good to be able to take what I learn in the College sessions into the work place.

Has there been any guest lectures from industry?
We have had many guest lectures. Mark Taylor a well-known photographer, recently came in to give a talk. He talked about his work which I found really inspiring so I asked him if I could assist him and he said yes!

How would you describe the staff at the College?
The College staff are excellent. They are always there to support you. They can’t do enough to ensure we take our work to the next level. They have industry experience so they are able to advise you on different elements.

What has been your highlight of studying at Newcastle College?
Having the support to grow my confidence has been the highlight of my course. I learn more by doing and I enjoy seeing other people’s work. I like being creative and this course has allowed me to be creative amongst other creative people which inspires me.