Culinary Arts Case Study

Lewis Leng - FdA Culinary Arts 

Lewis is an FdA Culinary Arts student. Here, he tells us why he chose to study at Newcastle College University Centre.

Why did you choose to study at Newcastle College?

My sister had a positive experience when studying at the College and I had also decided University wasn’t for me. I saw Newcastle College had a cookery course, so choosing to study here was the best choice for me to explore my interest.

Why did you choose the course?

I wanted to gain the qualifications that would be needed for a managerial position. I know this course isn’t offered widely, especially in the North East, so I wanted to take the opportunity to explore my passion for cooking through this degree.

Has there been any guest lectures from industry? If so, have they been useful?

Yes, we have had David Kennedy from 21 Group, who did a foie gras masterclass with us. This was an opportunity for us all to learn first-hand from a top-tier chef and say that we have learnt from him.

Any words of advice for any student considering studying at Newcastle College?

Come with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and you’ll be guaranteed to have the best student experience while studying here.

What are your plans after your course?

I will be going straight into full time work and I have a plan to be a senior chef within three to four years and moving forward from that, possibly go travelling.


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