Musical theatre case study

 Holly Old - FdA Musical Theatre

Why did you choose to study Musical Theatre?
I really liked the look of musical theatre as it had a really wide range of modules and I could get an insight into of all elements of performance. I’d considered doing dance initially but as I’ve developed on the course I’ve really come along as an actor and found a new passion in performance. That may never have happened if I hadn’t chosen musical theatre, it’s really opened my eyes. When you’re young and leaving school, you don’t necessarily know what you want to do or have an understanding of what you’re going to be good at. It’s widened my career options.

How have the tutors supported your learning?
The tutors are out of this world. They’re so good. They go above and beyond what you would ever expect. Our tutors offer extra lessons throughout the year to help build our skills and knowledge, and they offer support outside of classes to make sure we’re prepared for the industry. Most people can learn how to sing or dance, but you need expert support and guidance to teach you the discipline of being a professional performer. They really care about us and our careers, and they’re always building contacts for us. They often run workshops with industry and take us on field trips to London to attend and perform at shows. They also make it easier for us to audition by inviting talent reps up to the College which makes the transition into industry so much easier as it’s not always affordable to travel to London for auditions.

How has the course helped you to become a better performer?
I’ve developed a really strong work ethic since starting the course and I apply that in so many areas of my life. There’s been a lot of opportunity to play a variety of characters and roles and I think that’s really going to build my portfolio. I’ve also worked in a number of production roles which will help, especially if I go on to work in Fringe Theatre, where you’re required to be very multi-skilled.They also do a lot of work with us around our health and the importance of taking care of yourself and your body when you’re performing.

What’s next for you?
I’d just like to perform; it’s all I want to do. So whether that’s on the west end, in fringe or in film - I’m happy. I just want to be out there doing it. I’ve been working alongside the course to develop a sideline working in personal fitness, and I’ve been able to bring this into the course for Cabaret. So hopefully when I graduate I’ll be working as a performer and using personal fitness as a way of supporting that dream.

How have the facilities enhanced your learning?
The facilities are great. The studio standard is really high quality. Its a lot more than you would expect, even from a London performance school. We have access to 20 studios, a recording suite, a large fully fitted theatre, and the option to work collaboratively with photography and stage management students. It’s very vocational but there’s also the academic side to the course. The library staff have been so helpful when I’ve been working on assignments.

What has been your highlight?
I loved going on a field trip to London and performing at Move It earlier in the year. It’s a big musical theatre festival and we were able to perform and make contacts with industry professionals which was great.