Business Management (Leadership)

Helen Noble - BA (Hons) Business Management (Leadership) (Top-Up)

Helen studies Business (Leadership) Newcastle College University Centre. If you'd like to study Business (Leadership) at Newcastle College this September, there's still time. You can complete our online application form or check out of our Business courses to learn what else is on offer.

Why did you choose to stay at Newcastle College?

I am familiar with the buildings, I know the study spaces available and I was familiar with the course tutors. The previous experience and the familiarity that I already had with the College made it easier for me to continue my degree at Newcastle College.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

The relationship that I have with my tutors. I previously thought there would be a distant relationship, but it’s the opposite. The tutors really care and make an effort to know how we are doing on the course.

What inspires you?

I want to be a fully rounded person and to have a ‘personal best attitude’, where I push myself to do better than what I am doing now and it’s a goal that I strive for to live by that motto.

How do you think your degree has prepared you for employment?

Very well. The modules we have covered are relevant to industry. The skills we gain from our studies are invaluable as they can be used in all aspects of the working environment.

What has been your highlight of studying at Newcastle College?

My graduation! The atmosphere was really great and to have our family there and make them proud was the most rewarding part of it all.


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