Events Management case study

Emma Duncan - FdA Events Management

Why did you choose to study at Newcastle College?
I wanted to study a degree but I wasn’t ready for the university experience as I found it a little daunting. The College seemed perfect for me as it meant I could study a degree in smaller class sizes so I knew I’d really get to know my tutors and classmates which put me at ease. The location was really good too as I knew there was a lot going on in Newcastle.

Why did you choose the course?
I really liked the fact that it’s a very practical, hands on course and the fact that I’d get work experience opportunities - that really sold the course to me. I’ve had quite a few opportunities so far this year which has been great. I recently helped the Dance Course Leader with the 10 year alumni event which I really enjoyed and I was also a volunteer at the Enchanted Park at Saltwell Park which was great fun.

Did you attend an Open Day before joining the College?
Yes I came to an Open Day and spoke to the Course Leader about the course and he was really friendly and he answered all of the questions that I had. From meeting him I knew I didn’t need to worry if I had any problems whilst studying the course as he’d try to help me any way that he could.

Did the £1,000 cash bursary influence your decision to study here?
It was certainly a bonus and has helped me with the costs associated with studying like travel and course materials.

What do you enjoy most about your course?
I really enjoy learning more about events management and what it takes to deliver a successful event. I’m currently doing a module in Marketing and Sponsorship which is really interesting as I’m learning about all of the stages involved in putting on an event such as budgeting, staffing, promotion, facility hire etc.

Have you had the opportunity to go on a work placement as part of your degree? 
I’m currently undertaking a placement with the Performing Arts Department where I’m responsible for the promotion of the student shows. I’m really enjoying watching rehearsals and taking footage to be used on social media.

How would you describe the staff at the College?
The staff are amazing. They’re so helpful and enthusiastic about what they teach which is really inspiring. The great thing is that the course tutors have worked in industry so they have so much knowledge of events management to give which really helps.

What’s Newcastle like as a student city?
It’s fantastic for students. There’s a real buzz about the place, it’s just a really nice city and it has a really nice feel to it. There’s so much to do for students whatever you’re into.

Do you live in student accommodation?
Yes I live in a shared flat, just outside of the city centre. It’s been great to make new friends and it’s really increased my confidence in meeting new people.

What are your plans after your course?
I’m not sure yet, I’m just going to see how things go with my course then decide. I’m hoping a work placement may lead to employment so we’ll see!

Any words of advice for any student considering studying at Newcastle College?
Go for it. It’s a great college to study at and I’d recommend it to anyone. If you’re feeling nervous about studying for a degree don’t be, there’s so much help and support here if you need it.