Music case study

 Dursun Yalcinkaya - FdA Music

Why did you choose to stay at Newcastle College to study your degree?
I did my Level 3 at the College and really enjoyed it. I looked at the Foundation Degree and it was exactly what I was looking for as it’s the electronic side of music that I’m really interested in.

Have you had the opportunity to go on a work placement as part of your degree?
Yes, throughout the course work placements are available, at Level 3 the tutors organise, book and finalise placements and gigs but at degree level we have more of a role to play when getting gigs and nights, this is so we can gain experience and be better prepared when we finish the course. By getting gigs I have improved my communication skills and I have become more open to the public, sharing my music.

Do you like the fact assessment is not all based around exams?
Yes I really like the fact that the course isn’t all exam based. We have assessments through practicals and coursework too.

What inspires you?
Constantly seeing improvement in what I’m doing. No matter what level of knowledge you start with at the beginning of the course you are always learning.

How would you describe the staff at the College?
The College staff are great, they’re supportive and friendly. They’re always there to help and they push you to reach your goals.

What has been your highlight of studying at Newcastle College?
Seeing myself going somewhere with my music. I believe this course has set me on the right path.

What’s Newcastle like as a student city?
Newcastle is a great student city, it has bustling nightlife and is a nice place to live.

How do you think your degree has prepared you for employment?
I feel the course has given me the skills I need and the confidence to go out in front of people, which will help me get gigs in the future.

Any words of advice for any student considering studying at Newcastle College?
Don’t be scared, you will learn no matter how much you know at the start.