Alexander Christodolou - BA (Hons) Acting and Performance Practice

Alexander studies Acting and Performance Practice at Newcastle College University Centre. If you'd like to study Acting and Performance Practice at Newcastle College this September, there's still time. You can complete our online application form or check out of our performing arts courses to learn what else is on offer.

Why did you choose to stay at Newcastle College?

I started at the College with a BTEC course and then began the 3-year degree course. The relationships that I had built was what helped me with my decision to continue my studies here, as I was familiar with the tutors, I knew the facilities that were available to me, the acting course here in particular has very great facilities in comparison to other places I considered. So it was a big head start to continue as a higher education student as I was already familiar with the College.

How do you think your degree has prepared you for employment?

I know how to put on a show from scratch rather than having to rely on others for that process, from the acting course I have developed the skills, the independence and confidence that will support me for employment.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

The freedom of choice that we are given. I am in my third year now and we are given the opportunity to start our own projects from scratch, for example we could do our own written play and have complete control over it. This involved writing, directing, casting to performing. The course is more than just being taught how to act, it provides you with the all-round skills necessary for the industry.

Any words of advice for any student considering studying at Newcastle College?

I would recommend students think about what they want to study and if the industry they go into requires experience, then study at Newcastle College, as all the courses provide practical elements as part of their modules as well as opportunity to gain experience from work placements.

What has been your highlight of studying at Newcastle College?

The excitement around performing at shows. The run up before, the adrenaline rush during and the celebration at the end is the best part for me.


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