Science case study

Kayleigh McElderry-Wilkinson - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science

“I actually started off on A Levels however realised they weren’t for me. I enrolled on a Level 2 Applied Science at the College as I had decided I wanted to study biomedicine at university and this was the best progression route for that. Following my level 2 I went onto Level 3 Applied Science.

Being able to do coursework is so much better than exams, I feel it allows me to put more effort in. The course is also really practical and we get to use industry specific equipment. I feel it is preparing me for university and the world of work. There was plenty opportunity for placement either organised by the College or you could organise your own which is what I did. I completed a placement at Mortuary Services, where I did embalming which has helped me decide what I would like to do in the future.

I have a life plan! Once I finish my course at College I want to go to university and study biomedicine or biosciences, I also got offered a place at Aberdeen University on a medicine degree. I would then like to move away to study a masters specialised in physiology or anatomy then my dream job from that would be an NHS APT (technician) then I would eventually like to open my own funeral directory and do everything myself.”