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Online and On Campus

We offer blended learning courses in partnership with Mindful Education, providing a flexible study option which is the perfect combination of online learning alongside regular lessons on campus.

Our range of Online and On Campus part-time professional courses offers the best of both worlds, requiring less time in college than traditional classroom-only courses, while providing all the benefits of being part of a group that meets regularly with a college tutor. Meaning you can choose how, when and where you want to study. 

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Blended Learning


You will study award-winning video lessons, which are available on demand, and can be viewed from your phone, tablet or computer – meaning you can choose how, when and where you want to study. Each lesson lasts for around 45 minutes and is accompanied by animations and motion graphics to bring concepts to life. Practice questions, downloadable lesson materials and interactive case studies help to enhance the learning experience further and learners should expect to spend between 3 and 6 hours studying independently online each week (depending on your level of study).

On Campus

You benefit from regular classes with a college tutor – without having to commit to attending multiple evenings each week. Your tutor will review what you have learnt during your online lessons and will be on hand to provide guidance on progress and assessment. Regular discussion with classmates will help to reinforce key points while also providing the additional support and motivation that comes from being part of a group. 

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Funding Available

We can offer a range of funding and loans to help you cover the cost of your study:  

  • Level 2 – our courses are part-funded, significantly reducing the cost 

  • Level 3 – accounting courses are fully funded for eligible learners (those without a full Level 3 qualification)

  • Level 3 and Level 4 - Advanced Learner Loans are available and you will not have to pay anything back until you're earning over £27,295 a year.

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Our Online and On Campus Courses

AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Online and On Campus)

This course is an entry-level accounting qualification, ideal for anyone who is seeking an introduction to basic accounting principles and skills.

Length: 1 year
Study: Part-Time
Start date: 5th September 2022
Location: Rye Hill Campus

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AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Online and On Campus)

Master financial processes with this advanced level course. This flexible course is ideal for anyone who is looking to advance their existing knowledge of accounting. 

Length: 1 year
Study: Part-Time
Start date: 5th September 2022
Location: Rye Hill Campus

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Note regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19):

Due to the nature of our Online and On Campus courses, with key concepts being taught online through high-quality video lectures, students are able to continue their studies seamlessly with social distancing in place or if the college has to close. Regular ‘On Campus’ lessons are replaced by remote ‘virtual classroom’ sessions led by college tutors. This flexible approach can be easily adapted to suit government guidance and college policies.