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FdA Film, TV and Media Production

Start Date: 2nd September 2024

Newcastle College Digital Arts 12
  • Length 2 years
  • Study Full-Time
  • Location Rye Hill Campus

Qualification Gained

FdA Film, TV and Media Production (awarded by NCG)

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of visual storytelling with our Foundation Degree in Film, TV, and Media Production. This comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring filmmakers and media professionals with the skills, knowledge, and creative insight needed to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

You will have access to leading-edge facilities including editing suites, virtual production studio, photography studio and rehearsal rooms.

By the end of this programme, graduates will be well-equipped to pursue careers in various roles within the film, television, and media production industry, including but not limited to filmmakers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and content creators.

We have employer engagement with Northern Film, NEIFF and NGI, among other local and national companies.

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What can I do with a qualification in Digital Arts?

Daily tasks:

  • Directs the arranging of conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc. to promote the image of a product, service or organisation.
  • Stays abreast of changes in media, readership or viewing figures and advertising rates.
  • Reviews and revises campaign strategy in light of sales figures, surveys, etc. and takes appropriate corrective measures if necessary.
  • Conceives advertising campaign to impart the desired product image in an effective and economical way.
  • Defines target group and implements strategy through appropriate media planning work.
  • Liaises with client to discuss product/service to be marketed and develops the most appropriate strategy to deliver the objectives.

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Newcastle College Business 10

Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Liaises with production staff in checking final proof copies immediately prior to printing.
  • Selects material for broadcast or publication, checks style, grammar, accuracy and legality of content and arranges for any necessary revisions.
  • Writes articles and features and submits draft manuscripts to newspaper, magazine, periodical or programme editor.
  • Determines subject matter and undertakes research by interviewing, attending public events, seeking out records, reviewing written work, attending film and stage performances etc..

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Median Salary

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What can I do with a qualification in Digital Arts?

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