Graphic Design case study

Paul Slater - FdA Graphic Design

Paul Slater, aged 40, had a challenging childhood which meant he left school without the qualifications he wanted. After a number of setbacks in his life, including problems with addiction, Paul decided to seek help and attended an addiction treatment programme. Paul came through the programme positively and he was determined to throw himself back into education to help get his life back on track.

Paul always had a passion, and a talent, for art and design. He decided to start with a portfolio building class at Newcastle College to help him develop his skills and then progressed onto a Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design where he was able to specialise in his chosen area of graphic design. College tutors recognised Pauls desire to succeed and his interest in progressing further and recommended he consider the Foundation Degree in Graphic Design at the college.

Paul comments:

“I feel my tutor took enormous pressure away from me, he gave me the self belief that I was capable of completing a degree qualification which would give me a better chance of employment.”

Paul has enjoyed the freedom he is given on the Foundation Degree to express his own ideas and vision. The course has exposed him to new ideas and technologies that previously he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to use. The course is flexible enough to fit around Paul’s family commitments and the additional support Paul has received from tutors, the Dyslexia Team and the Learner Support Service have helped him stay on track.

Paul doesn’t hesitate in recommending the college:

‘‘I would definitely recommend Newcastle College to others who are looking to study a part-time course. My studies have given me confidence and self belief and I have set myself realistic targets and goals. Once I graduate I would like to pursue a career in art and design and build on the work experience I have already gained.”