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FdSc Physical Education and Sports Coaching

Start Date: 9th September 2024

Action Activity Adult Athletes 262524
  • Length 2 years
  • Study Full-Time
  • Location Rye Hill Campus

Qualification Gained

FdSc Physical Education and Sports Coaching (awarded by NCG)

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Are you passionate about sport? Do you have an interest in working with children and young people in a sport or education setting? We have worked closely with organisations such as North East SCITT, Newcastle United Foundation and The Percy Hedley Foundation to develop this Physical Education and Sports Coaching degree to make sure its what employers are looking for. 

You will study topics such as the national curriculum, coaching and teaching styles, child development and SEN and gain event management experience as you will plan and deliver a sporting event. You will develop valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership and organisation through planning coaching sessions.

This degree is an approved Higher Technical Qualification quality marked by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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What can I do with a qualification in Sport and Exercise?

Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Discusses performance problems with coaches, physiotherapists, dieticians and doctors.
  • Maintains clothing and other specialised sporting equipment.
  • Builds stamina, physical strength and agility through running, fitness exercises and weight training.
  • Attends training sessions to develop skills and practice individual or team moves and tactics.
  • Participates in exhibitions, pre-qualifying events, tournaments and competitions.

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Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Manages the playing areas and competitors, starts race, competition or match and controls its progress according to established rules.
  • Inspects and maintains specialised clothing and equipment.
  • Understands health and safety aspects of various activities and ensures any statutory requirements are met.
  • Provides information and develops facilities to encourage greater participation in sport, and to enhance the standards of participants.
  • Deals with administrative aspects such as arranging matches, contests or appearances for athlete or team, and organising required transport and accommodation.
  • Monitors and analyses technique and performance, and determines how future improvements can be made.
  • Controls team selection and discipline and recruits ancillary staff such as coaches or physiotherapists.
  • Coaches teams or individuals by demonstrating techniques and directing training and exercise sessions.

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Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Understands the health and safety aspects of different forms of exercise and ensures that any statutory requirements are met.
  • Plans and monitors personal fitness schedules.
  • Ensures that clients do not injure themselves through over exertion or using incorrect training techniques.
  • Demonstrates and leads fitness activities and supervises exercise classes.
  • Devises programmes of training appropriate to the needs of clients with varying levels of strength, fitness and ability.
  • Assesses the fitness levels of clients.

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Median Salary

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What can I do with a qualification in Sport and Exercise?

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