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Newcastle College Renewable Offshore And Subsea Engineering 1

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Renewable and Subsea Engineering

People in these occupations are responsible for the design and development of subsea and renewable energy technologies and infrastructure.

Subsea Engineers are responsible designing and installing built structures below sea level. While renewable energy engineers manufacture and maintain infrastructure for clean energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower.

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What can I do with a qualification in Renewable and Subsea Engineering?

Daily tasks:

  • Provides technical consultancy services.
  • Examines and advises on patent applications.
  • Prepare sketches, drawings and specifications showing materials to be used, construction and finishing methods and other details.
  • Devises and implements control systems to monitor operational efficiency and performance of system and materials.
  • Designs new systems and equipment with regard to cost, market requirements and feasibility of manufacture.
  • Establishes principles and techniques to improve the quality, durability and performance of materials such as textiles, glass, rubber, plastics, ceramics, metals and alloys.
  • Researches into problem areas to advance basic knowledge, evaluate new theories and techniques and to solve specific problems.

Median Salary

£41,841 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Tests, diagnoses faults and undertakes repair of electronic equipment.
  • Organises and establishes control systems to monitor performance and evaluate designs.
  • Determines and specifies appropriate production and/or installation methods and quality and safety standards.
  • Undertakes research and advises on all aspects of telecommunications equipment, radar, telemetry and remote control systems, data processing equipment, microwaves and other electronic equipment.

Median Salary

£50,515 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Oversees effective implementation of adopted processes, schedules and procedures.
  • Prepares plan of sequence of operations and completion dates for each phase of production or processing.
  • Analyses plans, drawings, specifications and safety, quality, accuracy, reliability and contractual requirements.
  • Prepares work flow charts for individual departments and compiles detailed instructions on processes, work methods and quality and safety standards for workers.
  • Ensures accuracy of machines, jigs, fixtures, gauges and other manufacturing and testing equipment.
  • Devises inspection, testing and evaluation methods for bought-in materials, components, semi-finished and finished products.

Median Salary

£38,616 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Ensures compliance with issues relating to the environmental impact of operations.
  • Arranges for the provision of gas, water and electricity supplies.
  • Ensures that all haulage, storage, purification and distribution work is performed efficiently and in compliance with statutory and other regulations.
  • Co-ordinates and supervises coal-face production activities and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Determines staffing, material and other needs.
  • Co-ordinates the activities of mines, quarries, drilling operations and offshore installations.

Median Salary

£44,597 View more

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