Autism Academy

Support for learners with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Our Autism Academy is multi-award winning support team within the Learning Support department of Newcastle College. The innovative and varied support packages they offer all have one common feature; it places the student at the heart of everything it does. The Autism Academy does not believe autism is a deficit but rather celebrates autism and focuses on developing students to enable them to progress through education and life.

Below you can find a range of information regarding how this award winning team can support students across the college in both mainstream and specialist classes:

Christine Breakey (2006)

“Any understanding of autism should not be approached from a position of ‘deficit’, but rather from apposition of ‘difference’. Autistic people are not neuro-typical people with something missing or something extra added on. They are different. If we are serious about equality and inclusion within any area, then we must first of all understand that difference.”