Financial support for adult learners

Advanced Learner Loans

A new loan called the Advanced Learner Loan is now available for those aged 19 and over to receive help with the costs of your college tuition fees for Level 3 - Level 6 courses. This is a great way to access courses that previously, for financial reasons, may have been out of your reach!

Key facts

  • Minimum loan amount is £300.

  • A loan can be taken out to pay the full or partial amount of the tuition fees.

  • Household income does not hinder your ability to apply.

  • There is no credit check involved.

  • Interest on the loans is low and linked to inflation.

  • Any balance outstanding will be written off after 30 years.

Getting a loan doesn't depend on your household income and you only start paying your loan back once you start earning over £26,575 per year. 

If your Level 3 course is an Access to Higher Education course and you go on to successfully complete an undergraduate degree then your Advanced Learner Loan will be written off!