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Throughout the categories, Ofsted found that Newcastle College’s provision for learners with high needs was good.

They also found that the provision for 16-19-year-old learners and adult learners was of a good standard.

Our Ofsted Reports

• The College successfully enable many learners to live more independently.

• The large majority of learners make good progress during sessions, with attendance and punctuality being good.
• Learners participate well in their personalised learning programmes.

• Staff provide highly effective care and support, working well with health and social care partners, parents and guardians.

• Managers have been highly efficient in re-aligning the curriculum to local priorities. The recently opened Autism Academy provides a wide range of programmes and facilities to help young learners to achieve their goals, develop confidence and independence and to manage behaviour and anxieties.

• Learners with high needs progress well through a good range of vocational pathways, and the large majority develop knowledge of their industry well and gain useful practical skills. Many teachers promote understanding of diversity well.

• Learners are safe and feel safe.

The full report is available here. You can also read the summary of the report’s personal development section, as well as the 2012 and 2018 reports for Newcastle College’s Ofsted inspections.