Science and Engineering facilities

As an engineering or science student you will benefit from a wide range of multi-million pound facilities including an organic chemistry lab, the latest computers and software and various workshops and laboratories.

We also have exceptional engineering facilities that includes our £3.3million Aviation Academy based at Newcastle International Airport and £2.2million Energy Academy situated in Wallsend. 

Science facilities:

  • laboratories

  • installation workshops

  • instrumentation room with specialist spectrophotometers

  • HPLC chromatography

  • organic chemistry teaching laboratory and clean room.

What students say

“The facilities for genetics and microbiology are excellent and there’s always free equipment on hand. Being able to work within this environment has really helped boost my confidence.”

Kay Rutherford
Applied Science

Engineering facilities include:

  • software such as Autocad 2007, Pro Engineer and electronic circuit design software.

  • a Bridgeport milling machine, Colchester machining centre and Renishaw probing system.

  • PLC laboratory with 15 Siemens systems and a PLC target training system utilising pneumatics technology.

  • an instrumentation and control facility

  • a mechanical and electronics facility with specialised hardware and software.

  • a machine and fitting workshop

  • an electronics training facility

  • subsea equipment

  • process plant and control room.