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Music Production (Electronic Music) - Level 3

Start Date: 2nd September 2024

Newcastle College Music 6
  • Length 2 years
  • Study Full-Time
  • Location Rye Hill Campus

Qualification Gained

BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Music (Production) or BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Music (Production).

Levels Explained

More about the course

Are you looking for opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the music industry? This is your chance.
Electronic Music Production offers the perfect opportunity to develop your skills in a real studio and live setting. We will teach you how to create, record and sample music to a professional standard and encourage you to collaborate with musicians.

Equipped with our own record label and state-of-the-art studios, we will help you to develop your technical ability using industry-standard kit like our Ableton Live software, CDJs and APCs. You will also work with our industry experienced tutors to build a business plan, learning how to successfully promote your own music.

During the first academic year you will be enrolled onto the National Foundation Diploma. Once you have successfully completed the National Foundation Diploma, you will have the opportunity to progress to the Extended Diploma for year 2.

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What can I do with a qualification in Music?

Daily tasks:

  • Plays pre-recorded music at nightclubs, discotheques, and private functions.
  • Conducts interviews and prepares reports for news broadcasts, current affairs programmes and documentaries.
  • Introduces and presents radio and television programmes, reads news bulletins and makes announcements.
  • Trains animals to perform entertaining routines and may perform with them.
  • Performs singing, comedy, acrobatic, illusion and conjuring routines.
  • Assumes character created by a playwright or author and communicates this to an audience.
  • Studies script, play or book and prepares and rehearses interpretation.

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Median Salary

£33,513 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Auditions and selects performers and rehearses and conducts them in the performance of the composition.
  • Scores music for different combinations of voices and instruments to produce desired effect.
  • Plays instrument as a soloist or as a member of a group or orchestra.
  • Tunes instrument and studies and rehearses score.
  • Conceives and writes original music.

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Median Salary

£38,203 View more

What can I do with a qualification in Music?

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