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Vehicle Systems Maintenance - Entry Level

Start Date: Various

Newcastle College Automotive 16
  • Length 4 hours per week for 10 weeks
  • Study Short Course
  • Location Automotive Academy
  • Price Cat A: Free; Cat B: £99; Cat C: £225 Course Cost Categories

Qualification Gained

Entry Level 3 Award in Vehicle Systems Maintenance

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More about the course

Are you a hobbyist who spends time thinking about, and trying to fix cars? Are you thinking about re-entering into education or looking at a change of career? This short course will allow you to learn skills such as engine lubrication, spark ignition, and braking systems that will help give you experience of a wide and varied range of topics that will be useful for the beginner Vehicle Technician.

You will be taught these skills in bite-size modules providing you with a relaxed step by step learning experience and you will be taught industry experienced and qualified staff who will pass on their knowledge and skills to guide you to successfully complete the course.

Not only will you build confidence, but you will build skills that can be used within many working environments along with potentially leading to more education adventures or help with new career goals.

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What can I do with a qualification in Automotive?

Daily tasks:

  • Repairs and services air conditioning, heating and engine-cooling systems.
  • Installs additional electrical amenities such as radio/CD players, aerials.
  • Checks condition of electrical/electronic systems and carries out servicing tasks.
  • Diagnoses faults in electrical/electronic circuitry, removes faulty components and fits replacements.
  • Carries out routine maintenance checks on oil and air filters, brakes and other vehicle parts/systems.
  • Reassembles, tests, adjusts and tunes the appropriate parts, systems or entire engine.
  • Removes, dismantles, repairs and replaces defective parts and prepares new parts using appropriate tools.
  • Visually checks, test drives or uses test equipment to diagnose engine and mechanical faults.

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Median Salary

£25,953 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Orders new supplies, arranges storage and updates stock records.
  • Organises delivery of parts and handles payment.
  • Obtains parts from store or orders from suppliers.
  • Receives orders for parts by phone, email or in person and checks availability on stock record.
  • Updates stock record, orders new vehicles from manufacturer, buys in used cars.
  • Carries out pre-delivery inspection and formal hand-over of vehicle to customer.
  • Negotiates sale price including any ‘trade-in’ and extra accessories, works out finance arrangements and completes sales paperwork.
  • Discusses customer.

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Median Salary

£21,849 View more

What can I do with a qualification in Automotive?

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