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Fees, Finance & Funding

We want you to reach your full potential and that's why we have a range of financial support options to help those who need extra support.

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What we offer

We offer a range of financial support to help students with the costs associated with studying. You may be able to access this support if you meet the eligibility criteria. The funding can cover:

  • Travel

  • Campus meals

  • Equipment

  • Class trips


All students are also eligible to apply for discounted travel and student discount schemes through NUS, Student Beans and UniDays.

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How to apply

To apply, download and complete this application form. Once you have FULLY ENROLLED (this means that you have your signed learning agreement, lanyard and student ID card), there are two ways you can submit your application to us for assessment:

1. In Person

Book an appointment with a Student Engagement Advisor by calling into Student Services, Armstrong House, Rye Hill Campus, emailing or calling 0191 200 4000, selecting option 4.  Student Services are open Monday to Friday, 8.30-4.30pm.


2. Drop & Go 

If you are confident that you've completed your form correctly and have provided photocopies of all evidence needed (please do not enclose screenshots), you can hand in your application to the Student Services Reception, Armstrong House, Rye Hill Campus. Photocopies must be clear and contain all pages of the document.  Any missing evidence or incomplete forms will result in a delay to your application being processed.  You will be provided with a receipt via email when you hand in the form and we will keep you updated on its progress by email or post.  Please note that if you qualify for the meal allowance, you will need to return to Student Services to have your finger prints taken once your application has been assessed.

What support am I eligible for?

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