Have you missed out on your grades to start a degree at college or university or rethinking your options? Don't panic - Newcastle College University Centre's Clearing Team may be able to help.

Here are our top tips if you're thinking of applying through Clearing:

1. Don't Worry

If you miss out on your first-choice degree, don't worry! Lots of students go through the same experience on results day and many higher education providers will have courses available to you - not least Newcastle College University Centre. Whether you're a student with us or not, contact our Clearing Team - we're here to help!

2. Do Your Research

Clearing can be a stressful time for any student so it's best to do your research early. Look at all the courses you're interested in at different higher education providers and make a shortlist of which ones you would want to apply to in case your results aren't what you'd hoped.

If you already have your grades and you're thinking that a degree might be something you'd be interested in, you can start applying now. Clearing is open until mid-October at the University Centre, and we can help you find the right course for you. Check out the course profiles at www.ucas.com

3. Consider What You Want From A Degree

Clearing places go quickly, and many institutions only give you a short window (usually around 12-48 hours) to accept any offers they make. Making such a big decision in a short space of time can be quite daunting, so try to know what you want before accepting any Clearing offers. This doesn't just mean for your degree, but also for where you study. You might be moving further from home than you'd like, or paying a lot more to live in bigger cities. Figuring out what you want your student experience to be like will help you to make a more informed decision through Clearing.

By studying at Newcastle College University Centre, you benefit from small class sizes and industry-experienced tutors. You will have access to industry-standard equipment and facilities across all our courses, as well as exceptional student support. To top it all off, you will get to have a fantastic student experience in the top-rated student city in the UK!

4. Talk To Us!

If you want to go through Clearing with us after results then we look forward to hearing from you! To make sure you get the most out of the Clearing process, set up somewhere quiet and with good phone signal. Make the call yourself too - taking control of your own next steps is always a good impression and it means you get to hear all the information first hand! It's always a good idea to take notes too, and have some questions ready to ask us during the call.

Our Clearing Team at Newcastle College University Centre are always here to help. You can contact us  from Friday 5 July onwards. If you are interested in your next steps, or if you want some advice on preparing for Clearing before Results Day (Thursday 15 August), then contact us at clearing@ncl-coll.ac.uk