We caught up with Laura Proudlock, Curriculum Leader for Health, to find out why she chose to work for Newcastle College and how she has found her journey so far!

When did you join the College?

I studied my degree here part-time. I really enjoyed the course and decided to do my teaching degree. In 2017, as part of my teaching degree I did my teaching placement with Newcastle College, where I taught adult learners. In 2018 a full-time position came up to teach Further Education, so I took it.

Ironically, it was never my dream to teach - I actually wanted to work in childcare! But I had the opportunity to mentor an apprentice in a previous job and it sparked an interest in teaching, so I came to an open day to find out more and began my journey.

What attracted you to working at the College?

The support that Newcastle College offers is what attracted me to apply here. There is a real sense of teamwork and passion for the job. The sense of accomplishment and pride I feel every day as students progress and learn new skills and behaviours is so rewarding. You are also able to build a stronger rapport with students as the class sizes are smaller. I get a lot of job satisfaction seeing the positive change my guidance can have on the students.

Why did you apply for the role?

The encouragement to apply from the teaching teams while I was doing my teaching degree was a factor. I knew that I could learn skills and develop as a teacher here with the support and training that’s in place. 

How did you find the application process?

The application process was simple. I applied online, and when it came time to interview it was really flexible, so I could fit it in with my other commitments at the time.  

What’s the best thing about your role?

The best thing about my role is seeing the changes in students. Witnessing how they change from when they start to the end of each academic year, their academic progress and development as well as their personal growth. I like that I can inspire confidence and support students to become the person they want to be.

What’s the best thing about working at the College?

The best thing about working at Newcastle College is the colleagues I work with. The staff here all work together and we share teaching styles and behaviours, and there is an open and honest relationship.

Have you had any opportunities to progress at the College?

I have had a number of opportunities to progress from starting my teaching degree to now working as a curriculum lead. Being part of a large college means there are so many opportunities to progress.

What are the benefits for you working at the College?

The benefits of working at the college are the positive and supportive environment and atmosphere I get to work in every day, and the amazing teaching facilities. The student-teacher relationships are unique, because we treat students like adults here and promote professionalism. Working at Newcastle College is fast-paced, so I always feel like I'm learning new skills. Additionally, since Newcastle College is right in the heart of the city, its location is brilliant for travel purposes.

What advice would you give you someone looking to apply at Newcastle College?

Embrace the journey! There are so many opportunities open to you. The training benefits are brilliant and you will work with a welcoming team, no matter what department you go into.

What has been your highlight in teaching to date?

My highlight is seeing students progress from entry level qualifications to higher degrees and graduate. Seeing them go from strength to strength and achieve what they wanted is very personally fulfilling.

Could you describe your time at the College in one sentence?

The best opportunity to make a big difference.

What are the benefits of being part of a national group NCG? Do you have the opportunity to share knowledge, best practice and expertise with other members of the group?

The opportunity to be a part of something wider, and being able to have the opportunity to share key experiences and expertise. We can make connections across NCG to share many experiences, and even share best practice by reaching out the other lecturers and professionals within the education sector.