Employer case study


AMECaL, an equipment repair and measuring specialist set itself a target of expanding their current range of products and services. In order to accomplish these goals they required new Engineers that would work closely with the current Technicians within the business.

The company employs six members of staff at its base in Newcastle. Having identified Apprenticeships as the perfect way to assist with the expansion of the business, they turned to Newcastle College to provide support and guidance in relation to training and recruitment.


The college worked alongside AMECaL, firstly to identify their business requirements. Recommending the Engineering Apprenticeship as a way to source and develop new members of staff, Newcastle College began to shape the Apprenticeship to meet the demands of the role.

The Engineering Apprenticeship was a perfect match for AMECaL as it offers a range of pathways that can be tailored to meet business requirements. Due to the specialist nature of the business, AMECaL were able to work alongside the college to find a training programme that matched the requirements of the role.

As a result of close collaboration between the college and AMECaL, the company recruited Thomas McFayden, 20 and Josh Howie, 21 as Advanced Engineering apprentices.


Following a successful recruitment process, the company now benefits from two eager and enthusiastic individuals that make a significant contribution to the businesses.

With the help of Thomas and Josh, AMECaL has been able to successfully launch their new range of equipment for electrical and environmental testing, giving them a new dimension to their business.

The company has found the Apprenticeship programme so successful that they are now in the process of recruiting a Business Administration apprentice to help with the day to day running of the business.

Employer view

''Newcastle College managed the recruitment process and I've been very impressed with the quality and enthusiasm of the apprentices. They're not only key to the development of our company but they'll play a vital role in the future development of the nort east and the industry as a whole.''

David Heppell
Sales and Marketing Manager