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Plumbers and Heating and Ventilating Engineers

Jobholders in this unit group assemble, install, maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, heating and ventilating systems and pipes and pipeline systems in commercial, residential and industrial premises and public buildings.


Median Salary

New workers start around £20,036. Normal pay is £30,573 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to £41,087.

Daily Tasks

  • Repairs burst pipes and mechanical and combustion faults and replaces faulty taps, washers, valves, etc.
  • Attaches fittings and joins piping by welding, soldering, cementing, fusing, screwing or other methods.
  • Tests completed installation for leaks and makes any necessary adjustments.
  • Installs fittings such as storage tanks, cookers, baths, toilets, taps and valves, refrigerators, boilers, radiators and fires.
  • Measures and cuts required lengths of copper, lead, steel, iron, aluminium or plastic using hand or machine tools.
  • Examines drawings and specifications to determine layout of system.

Skills employers are asking for

  • Active Learning
  • Mathematics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Learning Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Active Listening
  • Writing
  • Monitoring
  • Speaking
  • Science

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