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Glass and Ceramics Makers, Decorators and Finishers

Glass and ceramics workers, form, shape, decorate, smooth and polish glassware, earthenware, refractory goods, clay bricks and other ceramic goods.


Median Salary

New workers start around £18,284. Normal pay is £23,495 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to £34,780.

Daily Tasks

  • Applies decorative designs and finishes to glassware, optical glass and ceramic goods by grinding, smoothing, polishing, cutting, etching, dipping, painting or transferring patterns or labels.
  • Cuts and joins unfired stoneware pipes to form junctions and gullies, moulds sealing bands on clay pipes, prepares and joins porcelain or earthenware components and assists crucible makers and stone workers with their tasks.
  • Throws, casts and presses clay by hand or machine to form pottery, stoneware or refractory goods such as bricks, crucibles, ornaments, sanitary furnishings, saggars, cups, saucers, plates and roofing tiles.
  • Makes models and moulds from moulding clay and plaster for use in the making and casting of pottery and other ceramic goods.
  • Makes artificial eyes, laminated glass sheets or blocks, glass fibre tissue, wool, filament and matting, marks optical lenses and assembles rimless spectacles.
  • Uses hand tools and operates machinery to heat, bend, shape, press, drill and cut glass.

Skills employers are asking for

  • Learning Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Active Learning
  • Active Listening
  • Monitoring
  • Critical Thinking
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Mathematics

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