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Muhammad Fahad

L3 Access to Higher Education - Diploma in Business

Muhammad Fahad

From day one, I’ve been welcomed with open arms by both the faculty and my fellow classmates. The vibe around campus is super nice, and there’s always something exciting happening! Studying at Newcastle College has been an enriching experience both academically and personally, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to pursue my studies abroad.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself, your background or why you chose to study at Newcastle College University Centre?

I was born in Pakistan, but I’m currently pursuing an Access to HE Diploma in Business at Newcastle College University Centre. I’ve always been fascinated by the dynamic world of business and its potential to drive positive change in society. So when I was looking to study a Business qualification in the UK, Newcastle College stood out to me because of its renowned reputation for fostering a supportive learning environment and for providing practical, hands-on experience in industry alongside high-quality teaching.


What was it about your course that made you want to study an Access to HE course at Newcastle College?

Having researched extensively, I found that the Business programme offered at Newcastle College aligns perfectly with my academic and career aspirations. The diverse community at Newcastle College appealed to me, offering a rich cultural experience and opportunities for collaboration with individuals from various backgrounds.


What benefits do you think there are in studying at Newcastle College?

Experienced and supportive lecturers.

Modern, industry-standard facilities and beautiful campus.

An amazing and helpful International Team.

Comprehensive support services.

Vibrant student life.

Good social programmes.


What has your experience of studying at Newcastle College as an international student been like?

Studying at Newcastle College as an international student has been an absolute blast! From day one, I’ve been welcomed with open arms by both the faculty and my fellow classmates. The vibe around campus is super nice, and there’s always something exciting happening! My tutors are all incredibly supportive, and they go the extra mile to ensure everyone understands the content being taught in classes, which has been a huge help to me personally, especially as I navigate through a new educational system. Plus, Newcastle itself is a fantastic city to live in, with its vibrant culture and amazing places to visit, including museums, art galleries, music venues and plenty of cafes and restaurants. Overall, studying at Newcastle College has been an enriching experience both academically and personally, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to pursue my studies abroad.


What was the application process for Newcastle College like, in your experience?

The application process for Newcastle College was straightforward and efficient. Initially, I visited their website and filled out an online application form, which required basic personal information and details about my educational background. Following this, I submitted any required documents such as transcripts or letters of recommendation.


Once my application was complete, I received timely communication from the Admissions Team, keeping me informed about the progress of my application and any additional steps required. The whole process felt well-organised, and any queries I had were promptly addressed by the amazing and helpful staff here. On the whole, my experience with the application process at Newcastle College was smooth and hassle-free, which made my first steps in starting in the UK much easier!


How did the International Office help you with your application to study at Newcastle College, and what support have you received whilst being a student?

The International Office played a pivotal role in facilitating my application process to study at Newcastle College. From the outset, they provided comprehensive guidance on the application requirements, including necessary documentation and deadlines. They offered invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of obtaining a student visa, ensuring that I had all the requisite paperwork in order.


Once I enrolled, the support from the International Team continued seamlessly into my student life. They organised informative induction sessions which helped me to acclimate to the College environment and the local community. Additionally, the International Team remains a dependable resource for any queries or concerns related to my status as an international student, whether it pertains to immigration matters or academic adjustments.


Moreover, the International Team has been instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion, not just for me but for all the international students I’ve met at Newcastle College. They frequently organise social programmes and events, creating opportunities for international students like myself to connect with our peers from diverse backgrounds. This sense of community has been immensely beneficial in easing the transition to a new educational setting and country.


How do you think learning from industry-experienced tutors has benefitted you?

Learning from industry-experienced tutors has been immensely beneficial as it provides firsthand insights into real-world practices and challenges within the field. Their wealth of practical knowledge not only enriches my understanding of theoretical concepts, but also equips me with the skills and strategies essential for success in the industry. Through their guidance, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the nuances of the profession and also developed a more holistic perspective, which has ultimately enhanced my preparedness and confidence to navigate the complexities of the industry landscape effectively.


What has been your biggest challenge either before or whilst studying for your course?

One of the most significant challenges I’ve encountered during my course has been navigating complex research methodologies effectively. As an international student, I’ve faced the hurdle of unfamiliarity with parts of UK culture, which has made it challenging during my studies to design research projects that truly address pertinent issues to the local business sector. Additionally, adjusting to academic styles unique to the UK educational system has required extra effort and adaptation on my part. However, through perseverance and seeking guidance from my mentors and peers, I’ve been able to gradually overcome these obstacles and enhance my research skills, which has ultimately enriched my academic journey.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the prospect of independence. The idea of being able to rely on myself, make my own decisions and carve out my own path is deeply motivating to me. Whether that means achieving financial independence or mastering new skills, my drive to become self-sufficient propels me forward. Independence not only offers freedom but also opens up a world of opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment.


What has been the highlight of your time studying at Newcastle College?

The highlight of my time studying at Newcastle College was undoubtedly the stadium tour of St James’ Park, the football stadium in Newcastle. Exploring the iconic grounds of Newcastle United was an unforgettable experience made even more enjoyable by the fantastic International Team staff who organised and supervised the trip. Their enthusiasm and friendliness really amplified the tour, creating a vibrant atmosphere and making the visit truly memorable. The combination of the impressive venue and the delightful guidance from staff members made it a standout moment among the positive day-to-day experience as a student at Newcastle College.


What have you enjoyed most about living in the UK?

Living in Newcastle has been a delight, primarily due to there being so many captivating places to explore in the city and the surrounding area. I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of famous sites here, such as the Tyne Bridge, the Quayside, the Glasshouse, Tynemouth and Jesmond Dene. This city provides endless opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities. I love to explore and travel, and the UK has always been at the top of my bucket list, so the opportunity to explore here has been kind of like a dream come true!


How do you feel that your course at Newcastle College has prepared you for the future?

I believe that studying at Newcastle College will not only equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge I’ll need to excel in the field of business, but also provide me with a platform to contribute meaningfully to the global business landscape. I’m excited about the journey ahead, and I’m looking forward to making the most out of my time here.


What are your plans after you graduate?

After Graduation, my primary aim is to secure a position within the business sector. I’m passionate about applying the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired throughout my academic journey to contribute meaningfully to real-world projects and initiatives. My goal is to find a role that not only allows me to utilise my expertise, but also offers opportunities for growth and advancement. I’m eager to immerse myself in the professional environment, learn from experienced professionals and make a positive impact within the business sector.


What would you say to any other international students considering studying an Access to HE course at Newcastle College?

I would tell them to go for it! It’s a fantastic opportunity to pave your way into higher education. The environment here is super supportive, with great resources and tutors who genuinely want to see you succeed. Plus, Newcastle itself is an awesome city with a vibrant international community. So don’t hesitate – jump straight in, and get ready for an exciting journey towards your academic goals!


Describe your student experience at Newcastle College in three words.

Dynamic, supportive and enriching.


What are your top five tips for other international students considering studying a degree at Newcastle?

1. Explore beyond the campus.

2. Pack some warm clothes for the UK winter (it gets really cold!)

3. Look for accommodation beforehand – the International Team can support with that.

4. Seek academic support whenever you’re not sure.

5. Do not miss your classes!