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Student Case Studies

Explore Newcastle College through the eyes of our students. Find out what makes our college so special as they share their experiences of studying, making friends and living student life.

College 16 - 18 Case Studies

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Ella Willis

Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Operations

"I was a bit surprised at first when I found out it was based at the Aviation Academy, but I think that’s part of what made the course stand out – nowhere else I was considering offered in-depth learning at an actual airport venue!"

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Aaron Bullha

Level 3 Rail Engineering

"My lecturers and tutors have all gone out of their way to make sure me and my classmates know everything we need to know, not just in track and rail but general engineering as well. I feel like having the opportunity to practice on real-life rail equipment will help me no matter where in the industry I progress, and it’s all thanks to Newcastle College."

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Fay Ingles

Level 3 Make Up Artistry

"I was really quite shy when I started at Newcastle College, but thanks to my time here I’ve definitely come out of my shell a lot! I can especially feel the benefits on my placement when I’m working in the salon. I’ve become so capable with the support from my tutors and friends."

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Keira Mills

Level 3 Childcare and Education

"At first, I wasn’t sure about going into a working nursery but the children, the teachers and the nursery support staff are all so lovely. From juggling nursery work and college work, it has also improved my time management skills too."

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Ethan King

Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business

"As soon as I found out who was going to be teaching me and I saw how good they were, I was absolutely certain that studying at Newcastle College was the right step for me. I had family members who had been Newcastle College students before and they loved it too! Also, the main campus is in the centre of Newcastle so you’re never far away from anything you need or whatever you want to do."

Kyle Maddison Esports Level 3

Kyle Maddison

Level 3 in Esports

"I've had some very good advice from my tutors. Keith, my lecturer, is the one who encouraged me to get a job with the Newcastle United Foundation, where I’m currently working as a Community Coach, running kids’ parties most Saturdays and after school clubs a few times a week."

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Daisy Glasper

Level 3 Culinary Arts

"Newcastle College has supported me so much over the last few years, especially with all the competitions I’ve been part of! I’ve had so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without studying here, whether that be the tutors taking the class to Dublin to experience many different food outlets and history or us going to Malta for a two-week work experience placement. I couldn’t have had a more positive experience."

University Centre Case Studies

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Kieron West

FdA Games Technologies

"At Newcastle College University Centre, I've been able to use 3D modelling, animation, games design and programming technologies - where else offers all that with personally tailored guidance from industry-experienced tutors from the get-go? It's a real win-win!"

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Craig Warnes

FdA Advanced Techniques in Media and Semi-Permanent Make-Up

"It's rare to find a course as specialised, but also offering such a range of skills and knowledge, as the one provided at Newcastle College University Centre. We have industry-standard hairdressing salons and make-up studios on-site, and it's great to learn from industry-experienced teachers who help me to build the skills I need to succeed in my career."

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Ellie Chambers

FdA Fashion Retail and Enterprise

"By studying my degree course, I gained more experience, found projects I enjoyed and realised how many opportunities there were to improve my skills, which really helped me figure out my passions within the fashion sector. Thanks to the course practicality, I've already developed my own brand as a stylist - it's really been quite fun!"

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Georgia O'Neill

FdA Business Management

"The range of content, experiences and contacts is something I think is unique to my course. I've been able to meet industry experts with impressive careers, and the insights I've gained from their career paths have helped me to develop my own small business. Studying here wasn't just helpful but also inspiring in its own right!"

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Gemma Thompson

FdA Children and Young People

"My course content is really relevant to a broad range of roles within the childcare industry, but with enough flexibility for me to tailor my studies to my ideal job as a teaching assistant. As a parent, I think I know everything about children until one of the nursery kids I teach does something to take me by surprise - that daily dynamism is something I find really enriching about Childcare, and I'm proud to help them achieve the skills they'll use for the rest of their lives."

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Xania Prentice

BSc (Hons) Counselling Skills and Therapeutic Communication (Top-Up)

"As an older student, learning as a beginner meant I was able to bring all my life experience onto this course. I've studied modules ranging from trauma to gender to bereavement, and all of it fascinated me. But to me, this course wasn't just about qualifying in psychology - I've found my calling here, by discovering how people work and figuring out how I could help them."

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Caitlin Orridge

BA (Hons) Photography

"The sheer breadth of knowledge and experienced I've gained from studying at Newcastle College University Centre is phenomenal. Our lecturers and guest speakers bring years of distinct experience in the photography industry, ranging from still life to fashion to more commercial photography - I've used all of that transferable knowledge to enrich my work. The creative freedom this course offers has helped me to explore every area of the photography industry and decide where I'd like to develop my own career in the future."

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Grace Lilley

BSc (Hons) Engineering Management (Top-Up)

"I've had access to fantastic staff support throughout my degree, and I've learnt and developed so many transferable skills that I know will make me attractive to employers in the Engineering industry. We've also had quite a few guest speakers in to discuss their experiences, which has been really helpful and quite inspiring, really!"

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Dawda Sarjo

FdSc Healthcare Practice

"My base of specialist knowledge and skills have grown significantly while I've studied at Newcastle College University Centre, so I know that when I enter the nursing field, I'll be able to put what I know straight into practice to help people. Thanks to my tutors, my career destination is within reach."

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Phillip Ho

FdA Culinary Arts

"Newcastle College University Centre is the only real option in the local area for an industry-standard culinary degree. The course offers lots of culinary freedom, and every day of my degree is different because my tutors push me beyond my comfort zone through working with larders, cooking pastries, or using new gastronomic techniques. It feels good to be studying a course that feels tailored to me and my preferences."

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Kian Marshall

FdA Culinary Arts

"Studying at Newcastle College University Centre has made me more confident in my vision as a chef. The course is taught in a more practical, hands-on style and the tutors always asked what we wanted to try to cook, so it was a good chance to express ourselves and develop and skills and interests, sometimes using unusual and exotic ingredients or innovative new techniques!"

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Joshua Barrass

BA (Hons) Music Performance

"My degree course is very practical and can be tailored to whatever individual students want to achieve. The units are all quite broad, so you get more opportunities to specialise and create whatever music you want. For me, the chance to explore and express my own musical interests make the degree course far more enjoyable, since all my assignments are much more open to interpretation."

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Ellie Sturrock

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Top-Up)

"The facilities for the Musical Theatre course are top of the range! Compared to a lot of other drama schools or conservatoires, where the theatre halls or dance studios aren't up-to-date at all, the ones at Newcastle College University Centre are all fully modernised and larger than usual. It also helps having teachers who are willing to improvise with you and play around with your individual creative process - it's both inspiring and enjoyable to learn from them!"

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Tia Jones

BSc (Hons) Engineering Management (Top-Up)

"My current degree course gives me skills and experience far more tailored to a future in Rail Engineering than many other courses in the area offered. Even though it's quite specialised, the content itself is actually very versatile, which appeals because it keeps my professional horizons open moving forwards. The practical slant of the course has also meant I've gained really useful skills and experience in preparation for industry, which is far better than what I would have received elsewhere."

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Lewis James

MSc (Hons) Sport and Education

"My degree programme is fantastic because it's written with external partners, including the NUFC Foundation, Newcastle Eagles and Newcastle Falcons. These connections mean Sport students at Newcastle College university Centre have access to many more personal and professional development opportunities than other universities, especially in the North East. The best bit is the staff are so flexible and open to student input, even though some of them worked on Team GB!"

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Paola Cassarino

FdA Events Management and Hospitality

"The beauty of a Hospitality and Tourism degree at Newcastle College University Centre is that, by combining the latest industry knowledge with a focus on practical skills, you're being prepared not to be an average employee, but an industry leader. The high standard of teaching here has helped me to develop confidence in my ability, and a clear sense of direction for the next steps in my career and exactly how to attain them."

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Niall Kendal

FdEng Subsea and Offshore Engineering

"Throughout my apprenticeship and studies, I've developed a great understanding of the industry, a strong knowledge base, and I get to put theory into practice while I'm offshore. I want to challenge myself to enter a management role in the Energy industry eventually, and I know my degree from Newcastle College University Centre will help me achieve that dream."

Adult 19+

Nicola Cutter Skills Bootcamp

Nicola Cutter

Skills Bootcamp: Rigging, Lighting, Live Sound and Backstage Management

"I haven’t done any study since 2000. Four kids later, I’m coming back to education now. For being just a 12-week course, we got such an incredible range of experiences, including 3 or 4 theatre visits, as well as the opportunity to work on the set-up for Beyonce’s gig at the Stadium of Light, which was amazing."

Lara Delrio

Lara Delrio

GCSE English

"I love the interaction between different cultures. Meeting new people from all over the world is amazing! Many of my classmates are now real friends. My tutors were fundamental to my success, both academically and in terms of moral support. Their passion and dedication are invaluable. I can never thank them enough."