Don't worry - you may still be accepted!

Depending on your results, you might still be accepted into your higher education institution of choice, especially if you were close to your expected grades. If you have your heart set on a particular institution, give them a call before you call any other university. On Results Day (Thursday 17 August 2023), higher education institutions will have dedicated teams on hand ready to take your call. There'll be so many students in your position wondering the same thoughts as you, so make sure you speak to your top picks immediately to see where you stand.

Take a look at UCAS Clearing 2023

You might be surprised as to how many higher education institutions offer courses through UCAS Clearing. If you didn't get onto your preferred course, don't worry! Most higher education providers will have places available through Clearing, sometimes for similar courses. Or, if you were wanting to go to a particular city, many cities have multiple universities, so make sure you take a look at what other institutions in the same postcode have on offer.

Newcastle College University Centre offers over 60 high-quality courses with industry experts through UCAS Clearing 2023, in subject areas ranging from Art and Design to Engineering, Music to Sport so there's plenty of choice!

Resit your exams

You may have the option to resit your exams to try to get the grades you need. You have to redo a year of study, but by resitting your exams it might mean you can get the results you need to study your favourite course. If you're considering resits, make sure you speak to your school or college to find out your options.  

Consider an apprenticeship

If you’re thinking of possible options outside of studying a degree, why not take a look at apprenticeships at Newcastle College? Apprenticeships allow you to earn money while you learn, train for free and get a head start in your career. At Newcastle College, you can undertake an apprenticeship in many areas, from business, to digital, engineering and hospitality, as well as construction, sport and science. A Newcastle College apprenticeship can help you take that first step on the career ladder - some apprentice employers may even put employees through qualifications such as a Higher National Diploma (HND), which is equivalent to two years at university! If you are considering an apprenticeship, then please speak to us!

Take a gap year

Sometimes you just need to take a break. If you’re really unsure of what to do next, or are overwhelmed by all your options, why not take a gap year? This hiatus will give you plenty of time to consider if your course and your chosen institution are the right choices for you. Take the opportunity to travel, earn some money and fully consider your options so by the time next September comes around, you will feel ready to make those big decisions.


If you need advice on any of Newcastle College University Centre’s 2023 Clearing options, call our Clearing hotline on 0191 200 4110 or email us at