Pigs Can Fly for Newcastle College University Centre Student

Pigs Can Fly for Newcastle College University Centre Student

Posted On 5th June 2019 By Charlotte Horsfield

A student from Newcastle College University Centre has landed a week-long placement with Moonpig, the online greetings card specialist.

Elisa Edmondson, who is currently studying for a Foundation Degree in Visual Communication, impressed Moonpig’s Design Director Geoffrey Sanderson and his creative team after pitching two new ranges of cards.

The 22 year old, originally from France but living in Newcastle, was invited to present her ideas at the Moonpig headquarters in London with her classmates in March by Geoffrey, who studied Graphic Design at Newcastle College of Art and Design.

She said: “Visiting Moonpig’s offices was a really good experience. It was quite intimidating just being there and seeing how they were working. Everything seemed so creative. It just seemed like the dream office, the dream place to work.”

The invite came after Geoffrey visited the College to give a live brief to the students, setting them the task of developing a greeting card concept for a range that they felt Moonpig might be missing. The prize for the winning range was a work placement with paid accommodation.

Ideas presented by students ranged from cards based on British humour, to sweary designs, to the hot tropical trend, with Elisa bagging the top spot for her range of cards for professionals.

Alongside an idea to incorporate braille and filters into cards for visually impaired people, Elisa’s professional card range centered on the idea of being able to give a specific thank you card to someone for the job they do – whether they are a nurse, a teacher, or a lawyer.

“I thought it would be nice to do something special by designing cards especially for them and their profession, using humour and illustrations,” Elisa explained.

Now Elisa is just weeks away from her placement, something she wasn’t expecting.

“When I found out I got the placement, I was really overwhelmed!” she says. “I wasn’t really expecting anything to come of it, so I was shocked and had no words. I’m really excited.”

While on placement, Elisa hopes to work on her range with a little bit of help from the Moonpig creatives and will be updating us on her experience!