Catch Up With: Josh Barrass of Avarice

Catch Up With: Josh Barrass of Avarice

Posted On 29th December 2020 By Hannah Cox

This week we caught up with Josh Barrass, guitarist of the band Avarice and student at Newcastle College University Centre. Joshua studies BMus Popular Music Performance alongside his band has just released his first album Sanctify on Newcastle College's in-house label PushPuzzle.

Name: Josh Barrass

Course: BMus Popular Music Performance

Role in the band: Guitarist

Who are you inspired by and why? I started playing acoustic guitar so I love Eric Clapton and his unplugged CD. I was introduced to bands like Iron Maiden when I was older and I love guitarists such as Janick Gers and Adrian Smith.

What advice would you give to your 16 year-old self?
Keep practicing and hopefully it will pay off.

What has been the best part of your course?
Getting to take part in live performances at college and also in external venues.

Tell us what you are most excited about for your upcoming album release? Gigging with the band to promote ourselves.

Tell us something that has positively surprised you while working on this project? The spirit of the other band members and the producer Lewis. 

If you were stuck on a desert island and could take only 3 albums – which 3 would you choose? Powerslave – Iron Maiden, Meliora – Ghost and finally power up by ACDC!

What is the best thing about college for you? Playing music with my band mates!

Make sure to check out Avarice's new releases, which are available to download on Spotify.