Hazel Hyland
PGCE Maths

Hazels’ journey through Newcastle College began in 2010, after over a year of unemployment, Hazel decided it was time she did something to improve on her skills and qualifications. The decision was taken to enquire about the services offered at the College and make a decision about the future.

Hazel found joining the college was simple, but deciding what course pathway was more difficult. First, Hazel wanted to go into Disability Law; however, the pathway that included the subjects she wanted to do was not available. Eventually, Hazel decided to complete an HEFC level 3 qualification in English Language, Quantitative Methods and Social Welfare.

Hazel really enjoyed the challenge and fulfilled her potential by gaining distinctions in these subjects. Hazel was also able to complete a National Award in Numeracy at level 2 which has enabled her to progress into higher education.

In 2014 Hazel achieved a first class honours degree in Social Care. The help of Learning Support has enabled Hazel to maintain a high standard of work. The in-class support from the learning support assistants meant that Hazel has been able to participate in class discussions and class activities without missing anything through taking notes.

Hazel has also undertaken three work placements. In her first year, it was with a specialist provision that catered for the needs of children and young people with complex learning needs, in the second year Hazels’ placement was with Learning Support at the College by providing mentoring support and study skills advice to other Visually Impaired students. In Hazel’s third year she undertook a further placement with Learning Support specifically working on a number of projects with the Senior Disability Advisor for Sensory.

Hazel is now studying a PGCE in numeracy specialism and is undertaking a voluntary teaching position at Newcastle College with Visually Impaired learners.