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Science is a major part of every day life. From biology to chemistry, Science not only helps us understand how the world works, but helps us understand everything else too.

With a Science apprenticeship at Newcastle College, you can learn all the latest scientific practices, techniques and earn while you learn. From Laboratory Technician to Laboratory Scientist, an apprenticeship from Newcastle College will get you on the right track for an exciting career in industry.

You’ll be supported throughout your apprenticeship by industry-experienced tutors and an employer who’ll set up for an exciting future in and in-demand industry.

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Apprenticeship Areas

Laboratory Scientist Degree Apprenticeship

The Laboratory Scientist apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to upskill and get the career you want.

Length: 4 years
Study: Full-Time
Start Date: Various
Location: Employer Based

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Laboratory Technician Advanced Apprenticeship

Looking for a career in science? This Laboratory Technician apprenticeship is a great place to start.

Length: 2 years
Study: Full-Time
Start Date: Various
Location: Employer Based

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What can I do with a Science qualification?

Daily tasks:

  • Develops procedures for quality control of manufactured products.
  • Tests techniques and processes for reliability under a variety of conditions.
  • Analyses results and experimental data.
  • Conducts experiments to identify chemical composition, energy and chemical changes in natural substances and processed materials.
  • Develops experimental procedures, instruments and recording and testing systems.

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Median Salary

£35,281 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Monitors the standards of scientific and technical research undertaken by the research team.
  • Plans work schedules, assigns tasks and delegates responsibilities to the research and development team.
  • Develops research methodology, implements and reports upon research investigations undertaken.
  • Liaises with production departments to investigate and resolve manufacturing problems.
  • Establishes product design and performance objectives in consultation with other business functions.

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Median Salary

£51,905 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Records and collates data obtained from experimental work and documents all work carried out.
  • Operates and services specialised scientific equipment, undertakes prescribed measurements and analyses and ensures that sterile conditions necessary for some equipment are maintained.
  • Grows cultures of bacteria and viruses, prepares tissue sections and other organic and inorganic material for examination and stains and fixes slides for microscope work.
  • Prepares and analyses body fluids, secretions and/or tissue to detect infections or to examine the effects of different drugs.
  • Sets up and assists with the construction and the development of scientific apparatus for experimental, demonstration or other purposes.

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Median Salary

£23,297 View more

Daily tasks:

  • Takes samples for clinical examination.
  • Performs related medical tasks including treating hair and scalp disorders and conducting tests on glaucoma patients.
  • Measures patients for, and fits them with, surgical appliances, hearing aids and artificial limbs.
  • Makes dentures, crowns, bridges, orthodontic and other dental appliances according to individual patient requirements.
  • Undertakes scaling and polishing of teeth, applies medicaments, carries out post-operative hygiene work and advises on preventative dentistry.
  • Operates equipment to diagnose and record or treat hearing, heart, brain, lung and kidney ailments.

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Median Salary

£30,753 View more

What can I do with a Science qualification?

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