Engineering case study

Mudrik Ahmed - Level 2 Diploma in Engineering

“I came to the UK 3 years ago and it was my carer who recommended Newcastle College straight away to me. I have always loved science but I prefer physics to biology and chemistry so this inspired me to study engineering. I had a massive interest in planes and I wanted to work towards studying aerospace engineering. Alongside my engineering course I have been studying my English and Maths GCSEs, with hopes to gain entry on to level 3 aerospace engineering next year.

When I first started my level 2 engineering course I had some doubts. But after having my review with the course leader my confidence grew and I knew I would be able to go on to aerospace. I have a 100% attendance rate and this is because the tutors and course leaders are so encouraging. The course itself makes me want to come into college and work hard.

Newcastle College is a brilliant place, students should be thankful they have a place like this to study at. The College could be the right place for anyone as the facilities are great and it has a good reputation. Studying here can open up various pathways to you as a student."