Business case study

Krzysztof Raburski - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business

“I came to the UK 6 years ago. I attended Joseph Swan Academy, I didn’t really enjoy school too much. As English isn’t my first language it was hard for me to participate. So when the option came to stay at sixth form and study business at the school or move on to a college I chose a college.I went to a few open events at colleges but some didn’t suit my style. My brother came to Newcastle College and really enjoyed it. He was able to offer me advice.

So I came to see the College and it suited me much better. I was able to apply and receive a bursary to help with my studies. This has made studying easier as I don’t have to worry about money. The building and facilities are great, that helps as it creates a better study environment. You are given a lot of freedom on courses by the tutors which is good as you develop independent working and self-motivation.

As English isn’t my first language the College have really helped better it through helping me obtaining both Maths and English qualifications alongside my business course. I am so pleased I chose the College and course. It has benefited me so much; it’s given me a better chance of getting a job, because I have the qualifications that employers are looking for."