Engineering case study

Josie Watson - Level 3 Extended Dploma in Engineering for the Subsea and Renewable Engineering Sectors

“I attended St Mary’s Catholic Comprehensive School. When it came to making the decision on what to do next I had already heard great things about Newcastle College. I enrolled on the engineering course as I thought it would be an interesting experience. I knew that being a girl I would possibly be at a disadvantage but this only enhanced my determination, to prove people wrong.

The Energy Academy is separate from the main campus and the tutors have made it feel like a second home, everyone supports each other and I enjoy coming to college every day. The College arranged a 6 week placement with Maersk. This included working at heights, sea survival, hub rescue, advanced first aid, confined spaces and fire training. It was an amazing experience and I am so pleased I got to go. It has benefited me quite a bit as it has taught me so much. And the experience I have gained will be influential in helping me get a job after.

I would like to be successful in engineering and show that women can do it too. I feel engineering especially renewable energy is full of forward thinkers and there would be lots of job opportunities after the course. I would say go for it, to anyone thinking about enrolling at Newcastle College. It’s worth it! Invest your time in your course and take the support from the tutors.”