Art Foundation Diploma

Elaine Robertson - Foundation Diploma in Fine Art

"When I was studying my A Levels in Durham my art tutor recommended the foundation diploma to me. I had heard great things about Newcastle College’s art courses and knew it would open more doors for me going in to higher education. The best thing about my course was just being able to study art, solely. As well as working in the studio spaces.

There is such a community atmosphere at the College. I feel I fit in more than I did then I was at sixth form. This course has enhanced my knowledge on fine art so much and it has opened my eyes to the contextual side of art.The tutors are so helpful; they’ve always gone out of their way to help me, always teaching me new things and go the extra mile by encouraging me to enter competitions they feel would be beneficial to me. You can see their passion for art, it shows in their teaching.

My plans for the future are to attend Oxford University. It was the only university I applied for the rest were specialist art schools. I never thought I would get in to Oxford but I was invited to attend a 4 day interview there and I have secured a place to study Fine Art! I am so excited."