Health and Social Care case study

Carly Appleby - Diploma in Health and Social Care

"I studied at Kenton School in Newcastle. I had the opportunity at school to investigate different career paths and health and social care really stood out to me. But my school didn’t offer it at the sixth form. My Dad recommended Newcastle College to me; he had heard good things about it and thought it would be a good idea for me to check the courses out.

When I initially come to an open evening to get some information about the course the tutors were so friendly and made me feel comfortable. They talked me through the health and social care courses as well as giving me information on what I could do after completing the course and the financial support I could receive. I was eligible for NCMA and this has helped a lot with travel.

I have studied here since level 1, through level 2 and I am half way through my first year of level 3. It has increased my knowledge and I love the style of learning and the facilities, it is so much better than school. I had a 3 week long placement at a care centre in Fawdon. I loved it as it was all about helping and interacting with the residents. I actually have secured a two day a week permanent job there off the back of my placement!"