We caught up with Bruno Machado, Curriculum Leader for Engineering to find out why he chose to work for Newcastle College and how he has found his journey so far!

When did you join the College?

I started at the College as a part-time lecturer in 2019 at the College’s Aviation Academy in Aerospace Engineering. The opportunity come up for a full-time position in the Engineering department in January 2020 which I applied for and then progressed to Curriculum Lead in April 2021.

What attracted you to working at the College?

The name 'Newcastle College' attracted me to working here. Newcastle College is well known with it being a large college and part of a national group. Due to the number of students that study as part of NCG, you can be part of the national impact on so many people.

Why did you apply for the role?

I applied for the initial role as due to the size of the College, I knew there would be opportunities to progress.

How did you find the application process?

The application process is a simple online application form, it’s nothing too different from other places.

What’s the best thing about your role?

The team is the best thing about my role, I work with an amazing team. It can be a stressful role at times, but the team helps make the job easier. It's fun to work here with the people I have met.

What’s the best thing about working at the College?
The best things about working at the College is the flexibility of working life, the team I work with and seeing students achieve. I see students go from Further Education to Higher Education Graduates.

Have you had any opportunities to progress at the College?
Yes, since starting in 2019 I have been able to progress to Curriculum Leader in just two years.

What are the benefits for you working at the College?
It’s convenient to work at the College as it’s close to where I live and close to the city centre, which also means that is good for socialising with colleagues with us being so close to the city for food and coffee. The training and progression are also very attractive working at the College.

What advice would you give you someone looking to apply at Newcastle College?
Apply for something you want to do with a vision on where you want to progress to. So you may start as a lecturer but there are so many opportunities to move into management.

What has been your highlight in teaching to date?
Attending the Graduation ceremonies to see the students I have taught graduate and being able to celebrate with their family and friends. Knowing that we have given students the best possible experience is such a rewarding experience.

Could you describe your time at the College in one sentence?
Every day is different, it is very dynamic.

What are the benefits of being part of a national group NCG? Do you have the opportunity to share knowledge, best practice and expertise with other members of the group?
We share and gain knowledge from the other colleges in the group, including validation of our degrees, which saves each college time.