Your UCAS application

All applications* for full-time Foundation Degrees or Honours Degree need to be made through UCAS. The online system available at is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere.

The advantages of UCAS applications are that:

  • support and advice is available on the UCAS website

  • it can be used by students in schools and colleges and those applying independently

  • common mistakes can be prevented or corrected immediately

  • online applications are processed and sent to the college within 24 hours.

On the UCAS website you will also find Course Entry Profiles which give you further information about the course you are interested in.

*Missed the UCAS deadline? We are now accepting applications directly for study from September 2020. Find out more and apply for your degree here.

When applying

When you apply for an undergraduate course, you will need the UCAS code for your chosen course. You can find these in our undergraduate prospectus which can be downloaded below or via the Course Entry Profiles on the UCAS website.

You will also need Newcastle College’s institution name and code:

Institution name: NCAST
Institution code: N23

Help with your application

If you are at school or college, then speak to a staff member who will be able to help you with the online application process. You can also contact UCAS by phone on 0371 468 0468 or find out more on their website here.