Media Production case study

Joe Rutter - FdA Media Production

What made you consider FdA Media Production?

I enjoy analysing media because it’s something that affects everybody; we’re all susceptible to what we see and hear on the TV or in film and most people don’t realise just how influential it is. Studying media has helped me to understand the way that we work as humans, and how these messages are produced.

Why did you choose to study at Newcastle College?

I have a friend who was already studying for her dance degree at Newcastle College and she always used to rave about how much she liked her course and the College atmosphere. After I had my initial interview, I was clear that I wanted to do my Foundation Degree here. I felt at home and the advisers made it apparent that there would be more support available here if needed than there is at other universities.

Have you had the opportunity to go on a work placement as part of your course and what skills have you gained as a result?

I’ve had a few major placements, some that were arranged by the College and others where we’ve had to source our own clients, which was quite an insightful experience in itself. It allowed me to build up vital client liaison skills which are invaluable for your CV and portfolio. It’s really great working with people on their concepts and then seeing them happy with the work you have done for them. The filming experience has been really interesting, my favourites being a Northern Pole Exposé, and live hair show for Trade Hair Supplies.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

Getting the chance to go out and experience the media world in such a hands-on way has just given me the best and most tangible understanding of how to go about freelance work, and I’ve found when networking, it’s a great conversation starter too!

What has been the highlight so far?

Probably the paid student internship; I eventually aspire to teach media at A level and this internship has given me a greater understanding of how educational environments work, and has developed my interest in improving student communications and engagement. I get to work with first year students in the HE Unit and also have to attend academic communications meetings, so I have had to work out how to finely balance my studies with this work, but it’s always good to be challenged!

What’s Newcastle like as a student city?

I’m from Teesside originally and have found that learning to live away from home has made me grow up quite quickly. I’ve made some great friends in student accommodation and on my course so I’m not isolated and it’s just a short train ride to my family. I’ve found Newcastle to be a very comfortable city.

What would you say to anyone thinking of studying a course with Newcastle College?

Essentially, if you’re looking to gain industry experience then this is the place to do it, and I’d suggest that students should try and get involved in other extra-curricular opportunities that the college has to offer; my student internship has absolutely crystallised my future ambitions whilst giving me fantastic new skills.