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Digital Support (Digital Support Services) - Level 3

Start Date: 2nd September 2024

Newcastle College Teaching 9
  • Length 2 years
  • Study Full-Time
  • Location Rye Hill Campus

Qualification Gained

NFCE Level 3 T-Level in Digital Support Services - Digital Support

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Are you passionate about the digital sector and want to work in this fast-paced and ever-developing industry? Do you want to learn more about how to install, set up and support software applications and operating systems? Are you interested in learning how to maintain the digital security of an organisation and its data? This exciting Digital Support T-Level, which has been designed in collaboration with employers, could be just what you are looking for to take the next step in your career.

As part of this course you’ll study topics such as digital analysis, data and planning, as well as legislation and security. You’ll develop your technical knowledge and skills such as communication, problem solving and your ability to work independently and as a team. An industry placement for a minimum of 45 days with an employer will help you apply the theory to a real-work environment.

You’ll have access to our fantastic facilities, industry-standard software and equipment and learn from tutors with years of industry experience who are here to get you where you want to be.

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What can I do with a qualification in Computing

Daily tasks:

  • Ensures that new technologies are researched and evaluated in the light of the organisation.
  • Prioritises and schedules major IT/telecommunications projects.
  • Considers the required IT/telecommunications staffing levels, oversees recruitment and appointment of staff and directs training policy.
  • Develops the periodic business plan and operational budget for IT/telecommunications to deliver agreed service levels.
  • Directs the implementation within the organisation of IT/telecommunications strategy, infrastructure, procurement, procedures and standards.
  • Develops in consultation with other senior management the IT/telecommunications strategy of the organisation.

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Newcastle College Computing 13

Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Writes operational documentation and provides subsequent support and training for users.
  • Plans and maintains database structures.
  • Implements and evaluates the software.
  • Writes code for specialist programming for computer games, (for example, artificial intelligence, 3D engine development).
  • Tests and corrects software programs.
  • Develops user interfaces.
  • Writes and codes individual programs according to specifications.
  • Undertakes feasibility study to design software solutions.
  • Examines existing software and determines requirements for new/modified systems in the light of business needs.

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Daily tasks:

  • Activates the 'live' website.
  • Tests website interaction and performance prior to going 'live'.
  • Writes and publishes content for the website.
  • Establishes methods to ensure appropriate website security and recovery.
  • Designs and develops web interfaces for relational database systems.
  • Develops the website and applications.
  • Designs web pages including graphics, animation and functionality to maximise visual effectiveness and facilitate appropriate access.
  • Presents design options to the client.
  • Liaises with internal/external client in order to define the requirements for the website.

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What can I do with a qualification in Computing

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