‘Ex-25’ – Newcastle College launches major exhibition of world-class photography

‘Ex-25’ – Newcastle College launches major exhibition of world-class photography

Posted On 11th December 2012 By Susan Ambrosi

Newcastle College is hosting a major photography exhibition in January 2013, displaying work by ex-students who have achieved enormous success as professional photographers across the globe spanning 25 years – including work by North East born, award-winning Avatar animator, Paul Kavanagh.

Thirty five ex-college student photographers, many of whom now work around the world and have achieved world-class recognition, have been invited to show their work in ‘Ex-25’.

Paul Kavanagh, born in Gateshead and who left Newcastle College in 1990, is now working as lead animator for Industrial Light and Magic in LA, the company founded by George Lucas and which has for more than thirty years set the world standards for visual effects.

Paul has been responsible for creating some of the most stunning images in the history of cinema, including blockbuster films Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Lost World: Jurassic Park and the Harry Potter series. Paul received an Academy Award nomination for Best Achievement in Visual Effects in Star Trek 2009.

Photographers from as far afield as New York and France, as well as Manchester, London, Leeds and Edinburgh and those working within the North East will have their work displayed in the exhibition.

Ex-25 will include the celebrated photograph of Kate Moss by Adam Whitehead, ex Newcastle College 1994, who now works in New York and London. The photo was used on the front cover of the Bryan Ferry album, ‘Olympia’, to echo the Manet painting of the same name which caused shock and outrage when first hung in the 1865, as well as to simultaneously evoke the trashy, sexy, 70s-glam album covers of Ferry’s former band, Roxy Music.

Other images are of Gwyneth Paltrow by Richard Alan, (ex-student 2003) now an advertising portrait photographer in London; an image of Jessica Ennis by David Short (ex-student 1991), advertising photographer in Sheffield; an image of Bradley Wiggins by Ben Cawthra (ex-student 2001), now an editorial photographer in London; and an image of Ray Winston by Garrod Kirkwood (ex-student 2004), now an advertising photographer in Newcastle. Los Angeles based Robert Gallagher will show his portrait of John Mellencamp.

Graham Stouph, Course Leader for Foundation Degree Photography at Newcastle College, said, ‘’We stay in touch with most of our ex-students who remain within the region or move down to London to work, but recently I started searching on-line for the names of ex-students that I had lost touch with to see what they were doing now. I was amazed by how many are successful photographers now located all round the world’’.

Graham continued, ‘’This is testament to the training that our students can access which is second to none – we felt the time was right to share their successes with audiences in the North East by hosting this major exhibition’’.

The exhibition is free to the public and will run for three weeks in January, starting with a preview night on Thursday 10 January at 6pm in the Mandela Building, at Newcastle College’s Rye Hill campus, Scotswood Road. The preview night is open to everyone.

Other work in the show includes a significant representation of successful and highly regarded Newcastle and Northern photographers, all of whom are ex-Newcastle College students, from Megan Hood, now running her own studio in Manchester, Alex Telfer, Mark Westerby, Nicky Rogerson and Mike Baister to Dan Prince, Laura Edwards, John Donahue, Laura Vest and Chris Auld.

More information about the Newcastle College’s further and higher education photography courses can be found at http://www.ncl-coll.ac.uk