Health and Care case study

Theresa Donald - Health and Care 

Theresa Donald, aged 60, was looking to return to work and was referred to the Employment Gateway at Newcastle College to enquire about potential job opportunities. After speaking to staff in the Gateway they advised she enrol onto the college’s introductory Health and Care Simulation course, an area that she had a genuine interest in. She was initially apprehensive about stepping back into education in a college but Theresa felt at ease right from the very start.

Theresa says:

‘’I have done other courses in the past and I can honestly say the tutor was one of the best I have ever had, she made me feel at ease and always answered any questions I had. I also enjoyed the opportunity I had to meet a diverse range of people in my class, everyone got on well.’’

While Theresa was studying on her course with the help of her tutors she began to look for job opportunities and applied to a charity organisation for the role of a support worker. She was successful in her interview and offered the job with the company. Theresa has recently been shadowing members of staff and preparing herself before she starts her role fully.

For Theresa one of the best things to come out of the process was seeing how pleased and proud her daughters were of her for getting the job. She has come through the course, the interview process and got the job she wanted at the end of it.

She wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course:

‘’I would definitely recommend Newcastle College, I found the whole process has helped me from the very start from the Care Simulation course right through to me getting the job that I wanted and being able to return to work.’’