Public Services case study

James Harper - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services

"I am from Gateshead and went to Longbenton High School. I heard about Newcastle College through radio and metro adverts. I wanted to join the Royal Navy and looked on the Newcastle College website which gave me loads of information on what courses would help me get a job in the Royal Navy. From starting the course the advice and support I received from the College tutors was and has been fantastic! There is no better way to describe it.

I was eligible for NCMA, this really helped as it basically paid for my travel to and from college. My attendance would have struggled had I not received NCMA as my family aren’t wealthy and my part time job didn’t cover all the costs associated with studying. Through studying the course it’s got me the career I wanted. I am one of the youngest coastguards (Maritime Operations Officer) in the UK. My job holds a lot of responsibly as I have to establish the relevant course of action when an emergency call comes through.

To anyone thinking of studying at Newcastle College I would say, do it... I don’t have a single regret. The college opened my eyes to a lot. I was taught so much on my course, things I wasn’t sure I would need to use or seemed relevant at the time but so much I learnt on my course has applied to my role as a coastguard and this has been really beneficial."